Church Investments

The strength and growth of the United Methodist Churches of Iowa is a vital focus of the Iowa United Methodist Foundation. We offer a number of investment opportunities to individuals, churches, and agencies in order to achieve this goal of overall growth for Iowa United Methodist Churches. These investments are used to provide loans to our churches. If you or your organization are interested in investing in one of our churches, we offer long-term investments as well as short-term investments. For our long-term investment options, we offer:

  • Balanced Fund
  • Bond Fund
  • Equity Fund

And for our short-term investments, we offer two options:

  • Short-term Income Fund
  • Certificates of Participation (Building Fund Trust)

For more information about each of these, please see Investment Funds and Building Fund Trust. Invest in the faith and growth of Iowa’s United Methodist Churches today.

Establishing an Endowment Fund

Attached below are some tools for your church to utilize to create and market your own permanent endowment fund:

IUMF Planned Giving Marketing Kit