Carma Mohler Grant

Carma Mohler established this fund because she had a passion for feeding the hungry and wanted to alleviate the problem of hunger. The Iowa United Methodist Foundation seeks applications from United Methodist affiliated groups or nonprofit organizations based in Iowa that are addressing hunger through systemic interventions or programs providing immediate relief from hunger. If you plan to apply for the Carma Mohler Grant, you need to meet all of the criteria and have all required materials sent to the Foundation.

The Carma Mohler Grant is open annually from July 1 to October 1. All required materials need to be postmarked by October 1 to be considered for the grant.


2017 Carma Mohler fund to Alleviate Hunger Grant Recipients.

2018 Carma Mohler Checklist

2018 Carma Mohler Application


2017 Projects

Walnut Hills UMC

The Walnut Hills Garden of Faith, Food, and Learning received the Carma Mohler Grant in 2017 and used the money for a gardening project. The $800 that was awarded to them was used to purchase a new chipper-shredder for their garden, which will allow them to make their own wood chips/mulch for their garden. Their garden cultivates produce for their Burmese and Walnut Hills gardeners. They have been working hard on their garden project and they are thankful for the opportunity to grow healthy food and share their farming skills.

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