Services for Individuals

Helping others and being a partner in stewardship is a big deal to the Foundation. We offer a number of services to individuals in order to accomplish this concept of giving back to what you believe in whether that be giving to a church, a scholarship fund, or some other organization that you want to see continue on into the future.

Some of the services the Foundation offers for individuals are:

  • Charitable IRA Rollovers
  • Donor-directed funds
  • Setting up a scholarship fund
  • Short-term investment options – Building Fund Trust

Tax Savvy Gifting

The Iowa United Methodist Foundation provides confidential assistance to individuals who are exploring ways to plan for special gifts to their church or favorite missions and ministries:

  • Processing gift of stocks at no fee
  • Establishing gifts of stocks at no fee
  • Establishing endowments for scholarships, institutions and other causes
  • Online Wills, Estate, and Gift Planning Tools

Stock Transfer Request Form

Charitable IRA Rollover

Charitable IRA Rollover

IRA Gift Brochure

Investing (Building Fund Trust)

The investment opportunity available to individuals through the Iowa United Methodist Foundation is through the Iowa United Methodist Church Building Fund Trust. Fixed-rate certificates are offered in one-, three-, and five-year terms with the funds being used to provide capital loans to Iowa United Methodist Churches and related institutions for use in constructions and repair projects. For more information go to Building Fund Trust.

Donor Directed Funds

Setting up a Scholarship

Want to set up your own scholarship, either through a tax-savvy gift now, or in your will? Check out the free, anonymous gift-planning tool at or contact the Foundation.