General Scholarships

The General Scholarships below are scholarships that are open to all students of the church.

The 2018-19 scholarship applications are now closed!

Iowa United Methodist Foundation Scholarships open December 1 – March 1 annually.

All applications and required documents are now paperless! Not only will students apply online, but all required documents such as essays, references, transcripts, and any other required documents will be gathered online as well. Due to the online only application process the Iowa United Methodist Foundation is unable to accept any applications or required documentation by mail, fax, or email.


Bishop Lance Webb Scholarship
Carroll Mitchell Scholarship
Darrell C. and Muriel Denison Jenks Scholarship
E.A. Lucille Anderson Scholarship
Humeston Christian UM Memorial Scholarship
Irma W. Winslow Scholarship Fund
J.W. and Betty R. Myers Scholarship Fund
Justine E. Granner Memorial Scholarship
Kurtus Ryan Miller Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie M. Mott Pauley Scholarship
Maxine R. Stouffer Scholarship Endowment
Melissa Woodley Memorial Scholarship
Miller Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship
Mother Carrie Scholarship
Neil Clanin Memorial Scholarship
Pearl and Matilda Eye Memorial Scholarship
Sharon Junod Mckimpson Scholarship Endowment
Tom and Jean Robb Scholarship