Westmar Scholarships

2018-19 Scholarship applications are now closed.

Iowa United Methodist Foundation Scholarships are open December 1 through March 1 annually.

All applications and required documents are now paperless!  Not only will students apply online, but all required documents such as essays, references, transcripts, and any other required documents will be gathered online as well.  Due to the online only application process the Iowa United Methodist Foundation is unable to accept any applications or required documentation by mail, fax, or email.

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Westmar Scholarship

This scholarship is made available from a portion of the scholarship money that remained after the closing of Westmar College, an affiliate of the Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

To honor the memory of those making gifts to Westmar College and the alumni, these funds will be used as an endowment to assist students with their educational needs at United Methodist colleges in Iowa.

Westmar College Scholarship Donors Comprising this Endowment:

Lydia Gertrude Adler Schol. James J. Ballensky Schol.
Mary Mutch Cain Award Collegiate Loan Fund
Dakotas Area Schol. Azell & Grace Deever Schol.
Orlando & Dora Deever Schol. English Writing Award
Wayne Farrer Mem. Schol. Clayton Koth Schol.
Donald Ladenberger Award Mary Gulde Christian Service Grant
 Arthur Lage Mem. Schol. Marie Hershberger Award
Elmer Holzapfel Award Frank Jewett Grant
John Kraft Mem. Schol. Verda Kintigh Lawrence Schol.
McBride Missionary Schol. J.C. Morgan Schol.
Frank J. Nolte Mr. & Mrs. Henry Osterland
Philomath College Schol. Jane Riggs Mem. Schol.
Clyde R. Sanborn Schol. Wesley & Huldah Schneider
Jack Scott Football Schol. Lois Scott Mem. Award
Roberta Sohl Mem. Schol. Samuel & Mary Streyffeler Grant
Enoch Swanson Mem. Schol. Raymond & Lenora Cook Sch.
Merrill C. Davis Award Maude Deever Mem. Fund
Rudolph & Amanda Dubs Schol. Neil “Doc” Ersland Athletic Schol.
H.C. & Emma Feemster Mem. Arlan Hershberger Mem. Schol.
Paul Holmes Mem. Schol. H.H. Kalas Honor Award
Mabel Thorpe Jones Fund Elva Lillian King Schol.
Edward & Pearle Kurtz Schol.  Rosella Davis