2019 Carma Mohler Grant Recipients

November 13, 2019

Congratulations to the 2019 Carma Mohler Grant recipients! Carma Mohler established this fund because she wanted to alleviate the problem of hunger and the Iowa United Methodist Foundation was able to award grants to the six groups below because they are addressing hunger through systematic interventions or programs providing immediate relief from hunger. Continue reading to learn more about what each program strives to do with the grant money.

ASPIRE “More” Food Pantry Expansion Project – East Union ASPIRE “More” Food Pantry & Afton United Methodist Church
  • The idea behind this program is to help educate families within the community on how to eat healthy on a budget. They recognized that many of those who utilize the food pantry might not have all the tools and skills to make healthy budget friendly meals. Funds will be used to host these educational gatherings, such as purchasing the food and the educational materials needed.
Brooklyn Community Food Bank – Brooklyn, Grace United Methodist Church
  • The Brooklyn Community Food Bank purchases their food from the NE Iowa Food bank and they have disabled adults from Rural Employment Alternative Center come and assist carrying in food and putting it away. Then they serve their community and surrounding towns with food/meals. Funds will be used to purchase a scale, a table for scale, a desk and a collapsible shopping cart for their new location. The second part of their project is to buy cloth bags for our clients so they can eliminate plastic bags.
Food Pantry Garden Shed – Marion, Christ Community UM Church
  • This program grows food within their garden and then turn around and support local food pantries with their produce. Funds will be used to build a storage shed for their Food Pantry garden. This will store most of their gardening equipment. They are wanting to reach over 2,000 pounds of produce every year going forward.
Neighborhood Hunger Stops – Nevada, First United Methodist Church
  • They deliver meals on an early evening time schedule on Mondays and Thursdays specific to neighborhood stops in Nevada. These stops are a trailer court, a USDA subsidized apartment building for families, and two distinct low income apartment complexes designed for senior/aging adults. The funds will be used to buy the consumable items to package meals.
Richland Area Food Pantry – Richland United Methodist Church
  • This program provides food to their community and donate food to be put in boxes that the Pekin Ministerial Association hands out to about 50 families around Christmas. Funds will be used to purchase a refrigerator to store the food in their food pantry. Their current refrigerator quit working and they want to continue to supply refrigerated foods to the community.
S.P.U.M. (Sheridan Park UM) Garden – Sheridan Park United Methodist Church
  • This program is a community garden whose focus is to make gardens available to refugees who arrive in Iowa with agricultural backgrounds. This year they need to till all 19 plots and need to purchase a dependable rotary tiller. The funds given are to be used to help purchase the tiller.

Learn more about the Carma Mohler Grants and the criteria your organization must fit to be eligible to apply for next year’s grants.