6 Ways to Benefit Your Church Through Updates | Iowa United Methodist Foundation

August 5, 2019

Is your church thinking about making renovations to the inside or outside of the building? Read these six updates your church could benefit from before creating your plan:

1. Explore new technology

Create an immersive worship experience for your congregation with concert hall sound, professional lighting, and advanced video systems. Multimedia updates like these could make a big impact on your worship services.

2. Make the church building more handicap accessible

Adding accessible parking spaces, ramps at entrances and exits, elevators, accessible toilets, and braille signage will make it easier for individuals with disabilities to make it into the church and to get around the building. You should also check that corridors and doors are wide enough and not being obstructed by anything. Doing these things will make people feel more welcome.

3. Add or upgrade security systems

Safety is a big concern for many people and adding or upgrading dated security systems can bring that feeling of assurance and help new guests or members feel at ease.

4. Create children’s space

Investing in quality areas for children reflects that your church puts value on family. Create engaging spaces for children such as play areas, space for children’s ministry, and a nursery. If you already have these spaces, consider updating decor or adding security measures to make kids feel welcome and parents feel good about letting their children be there.

5. Build space for things other than worship

One space to create is a connection space, which will allow members to congregate before and after service. Some are wide-open areas whereas others are designed to have a cafe feel with coffee bars and sitting areas. Space for seminars, food banks, birthday parties, and mission bases are also important. Think about all of the space you have in your church building. Is there any way you can be utilizing it for other things? If not, do you have room to build?

6. Make a good impression

Overall, you need to keep your church well-maintained so that new guests and members feel as if it is a clean and inviting place to come. Some things that can be updated that make a huge difference in the appearance of the church are:

    • Attractive landscaping
    • Fresh paint
    • New roof
    • New flooring
    • Seating updates, such as getting new pews or trading in pews altogether for chairs and changing the seating arrangement
    • Restroom upgrades, including new mirrors, sinks, faucets, and counter-tops

If your church needs to make updates, you can get a loan through the Foundation! Short-term, unsecured loans starting at $5,000 and less than $50,000 are offered upon board approval. Get the loan application and offering circular here. Call us at 515-974-8927 for more information about our competitive loan rates!