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Does your church need a new loan or need to refinance an existing one?

The Iowa United Methodist Church Building Fund Trust provides loans to help local churches finance their missional dreams. Loans can be used for the purposes of construction of new buildings, the renovations or additions to existing facilities, repairs, multimedia/technology updates, the purchasing of land or even for buying a parsonage. The Trust also has refinancing options for high-interest loans.

Does your church already have an investment account with us? We offer a loyalty discount of ½ percent! Contact us today to learn more.

*Please call us at 515-974-8927 for more information about our loan rates. We look forward to talking with you!

The Burlington First United Methodist Church (pictured above) was a victim of arson fire back in 2007, leaving only a shell of a church. The Iowa United Methodist Foundation was able to loan the church funds to help rebuild it. Above are the before and after pictures of their successful rebuild.