Saving Grace: A Guide to Financial Well-Being & Session 1: All Manner of Good | Iowa United Methodist Foundation

Executive Director Katharine Yarnell will be teaching this course in a series of webinars September – October 2021. We encourage all pastors and church leaders to attend and decide if you would like to offer this to your congregation. We also invite anyone interested in improving their money management skills.

Clergy members are eligible to receive 1 CEU if you attend all nine classes!!

To learn about the content of the course, visit the publisher’s website.

To register to receive invites to the Zoom sessions, click here.

Below is the schedule of classes to be held on Zoom. Please note: if you are unable to attend a live Zoom session, the video will be available online to watch when you’re able.

Session 1 “All Manner of Good” – Monday, September 13 at noon

Session 2 “Getting Started” – Monday, September 20 at noon

Clergy Session 1 “Setting up Finances with the Church” – Thursday, September 23 at noon

Session 3 “Giving and Saving” – Monday, September 27 at noon

Session 4 “Debt” – Monday, October 4 at noon

Clergy Session 2 “Planning Ahead – Retirement” – Thursday, October 7 at noon

Session 5 “Spending” – Monday, October 11 at noon

Session 6 “Adjusting the Plan” – Monday, October 18 at noon

Clergy Session 3 “Becoming a Financial Leader for your Congregation” – Thursday, October 21 at noon