9 Easy Ways to be More Intentional About Planned Giving | Iowa United Methodist Foundation

June 12, 2019

Once you’ve decided to be more intentional about planned giving at your church, where should you start? The best way to help your church receive more major gifts and bequests is to give your congregation consistent, gentle reminders. You should aim to remind your members at least once per quarter. Here are nine easy ways to do that:

  1. Create a section in your bulletin or newsletter that is centered around planned giving and add a footer to your letterhead that says, “Please remember the church in your will.”
  2. Provide our planned giving brochures to your congregation. We have a planned giving marketing kit, a planned giving brochure, and a tips for financial stewardship booklet all available to you.
  3. Invite the Foundation to teach a will writing workshop at your church. Check out our workshop information and contact us today at 515-974-8927 to schedule a visit.
  4. Sign up for the the Foundation’s monthly e-newsletter to receive fresh planned giving content each month, which you can share in your bulletin, newsletter, church website, or Facebook page.
  5. Designate a day each week or month to talk about planned giving on your social media accounts. A popular day to post is Sunday because people are generally feeling more generous and a hashtag that can be used to start a conversation is #StewardshipSunday.
  6. Add a planned giving page to your website or add a link to the Foundation’s planned giving page.
  7. When you preach about stewardship, make sure to mention how your members can create a legacy that will go beyond their lifetime.
  8. During your annual stewardship campaign, add a checkbox to your pledge cards that says, “Please contact me about Planned Giving.” (When people check that box, you can always call us for advice before following up with them!)
  9. Most importantly of all, publicly celebrate the difference that these planned gifts have made in your congregation! People will be excited to see the success and might choose to give a planned gift as well.

Adapted from the original version published by Julia Frisbie, Associate Director, Northwest United Methodist Foundation