Non-Methodist College Scholarships

The Non-Methodist College Scholarships are more general scholarships that are open to all students of the church no matter what college is being attended.

**Denotes scholarships for college seniors entering seminary ONLY.


Bishop Lance Webb Scholarship
Carroll Mitchell Scholarship
Carroll Mitchell General Scholarship
Elizabeth Jean Brown Scholarship
Fort Dodge Riverside UMC Scholarship
Gilbert Guenther Scholarship
Humeston Christian UMC Scholarship
Irma W. Winslow Scholarship Fund
Justine Granner Memorial Scholarship
J.W. & Betty R. Myers Scholarship
Kurtus Ryan Miller Memorial Scholarship
Maxine R. Stouffer Scholarship Endowment
Melissa Woodley Memorial Scholarship
Miller Memorial UMC Scholarship
Mother Carrie Scholarship
Riverton United Methodist Church Scholarship
Mary & Orlin Trapp Science Scholarship
Sharon Junod Mckimpson Scholarship
Tom & Jean Robb Scholarship
**Bernhard Memorial Scholarship
**Clergy Tribute Scholarship
**David Ash Memorial Scholarship
**E. Lorraine Campney Memorial Scholarship
**IUMF Scholarship
**Lawrence A. Hebert Scholarship
**Lorene Gerdon Seminary Scholarship
**Marjorie Gerald & Grace UMC Seminary Scholarship
**Pleasant Prairie Legacy Scholarship
**Rainsford A. & Elizabeth A. Brown Jr Seminary Scholarship
**Robert Reibe Seminary Scholarship
**Ruth Schmalenberger Seminary Scholarship