Our Gift to You

Life is in constant, ever-changing motion. Creating or reviewing your estate plan is important to ensure that your documents appropriately reflect your current situation. The Foundation has partnered with Thompson & Associates to provide free, expert and unbiased assistance to review or develop your plan.

This can provide clarity, peace of mind and an incredible sense of significance. Your comprehensive estate plan tells your story, reflects your values and encourages your loved ones.

This service is complimentary, with no hidden agendas, no pressures, no obligations, and no time restraints. All conversations will be held in the strictest confidence without the presence of any Foundation staff member. Take the right steps today to leave a meaningful mark on your community’s future.

The Goal

The Thompson & Associates planning process is very detailed and has been developed over several decades. The goal is to help you create a thoughtful estate plan that transfers assets to the people you love and the causes you care about.

The process uncovers ways in which you can secure your future, provide for loved ones, and self-direct all or part of your estate that otherwise would have been collected as tax. See the illustration below to see what Thompson & Associates can help you do with your estate plan.

Estate Planning Assistance

Johni Hays, Senior Vice President of Thompson & Associates, is the representative you will be working closely with for your planning needs. She will share her expertise in planned giving to help you through the comprehensive Charitable Estate Planning process. This process usually concludes with a plan that meets your personal needs. And because of Thompson & Associates’ partnership with the Foundation, you receive their resourceful assistance at no charge.

Contact the Iowa United Methodist Foundation at 515-974-8927 or info@iumf.org or email Katharine Yarnell to schedule your confidential appointment with Johni Hays of Thompson & Associates.