Our Gift to You | Iowa United Methodist Foundation

YOU are invited to participate in an innovative program at IUMF. Our Gift to You is a values-based estate planning consultation offered on a complimentary basis through our partner, Thompson & Associates. This firm provides estate planning services to thousands of people throughout the United States. You can use this consultation as a chance to get a second opinion on an existing plan, update an older plan or find out if there are better ways of reaching your goals.

The Process

  • Costs you nothing. It is not a sales pitch.
  • Completely confidential. Information you share with Thompson & Associates is not disclosed to the Foundation.
  • Includes an initial phone or virtual visit with our representative, Johni Hays, to learn about the service. You then determine if you wish to participate in the process, which takes four to six meetings. Family members or financial advisors are welcome in these meetings.
  • During the course of these meetings, Johni will help you clarify your personal values and goals and review your existing estate plan to see if it reflects your values. If you don’t have a plan, she can work with you to develop one.
  • Once your plan is finalized, Johni will help you share the details with your attorneys or financial advisors. Your advisors would then draft the final documents to implement the recommendations.

The Goal

The Thompson & Associates planning process has been developed over several decades. The goal is to help you create a thoughtful estate plan that transfers assets to the people you love and causes you care about. The process often uncovers ways in which you can provide for loved ones while also redirecting funds that would have been collected as taxes. See illustration below:

Our Partner

Johni Hays, Senior Vice President at Thompson & Associates, is the representative you will be working with for your planning needs. She will share her expertise in planned giving to help you through the comprehensive process, which concludes with a plan that meets your personal needs.

Contact the Iowa United Methodist Foundation at 515-974-8927 or info@iumf.org or email Katharine Yarnell to schedule your confidential appointment with Johni Hays of Thompson & Associates.